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~ Shikoku ranked 6th in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2022 Regional Edition〜

TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – October 28, 2021 – Lonely Planet, the world’s most popular travel guide, ranked Japan Shikoku sixth in the regional category on its “Best in Travel 2022” list of recommended travel destinations for 2022 Watch here: https: // V = A3CRpmtgpZc

Based on the principle that “Shikoku is one”, the Organization has worked with local governments, regional tourism development companies, related businesses and economic organizations in the region to promote the attractiveness of Shikoku, both in countries than abroad, and to attract more visitors to the island, in cooperation with ministries and agencies, the Shikoku District Transportation Bureau and JNTO. This year’s selection is further recognition of the community’s connection to the Shikoku pilgrimage culture of hospitality and the awareness of local residents to protect the environment, through the concerted efforts of the public and private sectors.

Encouraged by this selection and moving forward “with” and “after” the corona pandemic, we will continue to take the opportunity of the ongoing Shikoku Destination campaign to actively promote the creation of the Shikoku brand with the aim of attract visitors with an emphasis on safety and security.

What is Lonely Planet?

Lonely Planet is a travel media company known for its eponymous guidebook series that is popular around the world.

Lonely Planet is a travel media company known for its eponymous guidebook series that is popular around the world. In addition to English, the company offers guides, travel magazines, websites, videos and other media in a variety of languages ​​including German, French, Italian and Spanish. .

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What’s the best Lonely Planet trip?

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel is an annual ranking of the 10 best countries, regions, cities and other tourist destinations to visit in the world, published each fall. Rankings are determined by a committee of experts established within Lonely Planet from nominees recommended by Lonely Planet editors, editors and bloggers, based on their own criteria such as news and inspirational material.

The selected countries and regions will be announced on the website and published as a directory with the latest information on travel trends for the year.

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