Utah School Girls’ Yearbook Photos Photoshopped to Make Them More Modest

Utah’s Wasatch High School is gaining international media attention after discovering the school had photoshopped some of its students’ yearbook photos to show less skin, likely in the name of modesty.

According to a Fox 13 News report, the differences were discovered by disbelieving college students who noticed that their outfits were completely altered in some cases and significantly altered in others. Sleeves were added, necklines were covered up and tattoos were removed before photos were approved to appear in the school yearbook.

Here are some examples:



Students, however, were more upset with the random selection of students who were censored than with the censorship itself. “I feel like they’re putting names in a hat and picking who,” sophomore Rachel Russel told Fox. “There were a lot of girls who wore thicker tank tops and half of them were changed and half of them didn’t.”

Here is an example of two students wearing almost identical outfits. One was changed to add rounds, the other was not:


For their part, the school does not apologize for retouching the photos. They have posted signs warning that this could be the case and claim the students should have been expected. The only thing they apologize for is the fact that they weren’t more consistent with the changes.

(by daily mail)

Image credits: Photographs via Fox 13 News