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UAE ministry to launch sign language dictionary to help people with hearing loss

Dubai: The Ministry of Community Development (MoCD) will launch the first Employment Guide for Determined People on September 23, coinciding with International Sign Language Day.

The MoCD said the guide “will give deaf and hard of hearing people job opportunities and access to the services they need – smoothly and easily.”

The Sign Language Dictionary is a standardized collection of vocabulary of approximately 5,000 words used in the teaching and inclusion of hearing-impaired students. “(It is) a major reference [point] and at the same time, it will raise the level of community culture in sign language. The dictionary will also include UAE sign language interpreters, ”noted the MoCD.

The dictionary has various sections, including sign language alphabet, numbers, official documents, tourist areas and attractions, ministries, entities and authorities, clothing and decoration tools, traditional cuisine, family, common verbs, adjectives and situations, trends and locations, colors, home and accessories to name a few, added the MoCD.

Nasser Ismail, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Social Welfare at MoCD, said the Guide for the Employment of Determined People “was designed in accordance with the vision and mission of the ministry of empowering determined people. The project is an important step in making written content accessible to deaf people.

Ismail noted that there are 2,706 hearing impaired people in the UAE (1,616 are men and 1,090 are women). There are 633 people registered on the recruitment platform and 153 of them have been employed to date.

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