The unofficial guide to Dunder Mifflin’s office

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Listen, Electric City! In a move that Michael Scott would deem worthy of a Dundie Award, Office fan Amy Lewis created Inside Dunder Mifflin: The Ultimate Office Fan Guide ($ 11), a book that honors every employee who has passed through the Scranton branch. Perfect for anyone who is still obsessed with Office (aka one of the best shows ever), the 120-page hardcover guidebook lets you learn about office romance with Jim and Pam, how to crush your enemies with Dwight Schrute, how to dress to succeed with Andy Bernard, and more!

Along with some incredibly helpful office survival tips, the book also includes season previews, episode dissections, cast profiles, and a “What’s Your Management Style?” »Quiz. He even answers an age-old question: “Who would win in a fight: Jim and Pam or Phyllis and Bob Vance?” (My money is on Phyllis and Bob.) If you need a white elephant gift, or just an amazing gift for your best friend, then shop the Office– inspirational guide to come.