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The “Show us your name in the urban dictionary” sticker trend has gone viral and…

23 November 2021, 11:54

The internet is currently obsessed with the “Show us your name in the urban dictionary” sticker on Instagram. Here’s what the trendy name means.

Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?” and he would have saved a lot of time if he had just logged into Urban Dictionary.

You’ve probably noticed that Urban Dictionary name definitions are currently a trending topic on social media. People have just discovered that Urban Dictionary not only has definitions of all the latest slang terms, but it also has the meaning behind every name you can imagine.

Similar to the “Who Are You In Love With” sticker that went viral in October, the trend started with the “Show Us Your Name In Urban Dictionary” sticker on Instagram, which asks users to post a photo of the definition of their name on their Instagram stories.

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The Urban Dictionary Name Meaning Trend Explained

Tom Holland.

Tom Holland.

Photo: Alamy, Urban Dictionary

So you might think that the name “Olivia” is just the Latin name for “olive tree”, but according to Urban Dictionary: “Olivia has a beautiful personality. You can listen to her talk all day. She has eyes not like others, and It’s a common fact that she has gorgeous curly hair. She’s super attractive. She’s also very smart and hardworking. She’s kind, respectful, and genuinely cares about everyone and everything. C is a keeper.”

To see what your name means, just go to the Urban Dictionary website and search for your name. You will then be presented with a detailed and (sometimes) accurate description of your character. Then share your Instagram stories with the corresponding sticker or any other social media platform.

Now, it’s important to remember that Urban Dictionary is a crowdsourced website and users can submit definitions. So if someone has been hurt by a Daniel or a Lucy in the past, chances are your definition is offensive.

That didn’t stop people from looking up their names and sharing the definitions though.

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