The presidential appointee’s handbook

A Guide to the Skills Needed for New Senior Federal Government Officials.

The transition from one president to another will mean many things, one of which is that some 3,000 to 4,000 new senior presidential appointees will take office in the first months of 2017. They will join some 6,000 members of the Senior Executive. Service and nearly 1,000 admirals. and generals already working in the upper ranks of government.

But the little-known truth is that the federal government does not have a formal, or even informal, lifelong learning program for its new top managers. If history is any guide, many of those appointed by the next president will never have served in the federal government, or even at any level of government. This means that they will need to hone their considerable skills to meet new challenges.

This new revised and updated edition of The presidential appointee’s handbook is intended to fill the need for learning, helping new presidential appointees develop the knowledge, skills and abilities they will need in their challenging assignments. Additionally, the new edition provides frameworks for success in areas such as strategic foresight, results planning, risk management and resilience that are designed to give appointees role models for achieving their goals.

Combining theory with the demands of daily practice, the book clarifies the roles and responsibilities of senior government leaders, helps them build a network of shared experiences and relationships, and presents common skills and codes of conduct for heads of government at all levels.