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And the Sainte-Marie dictionary – and that of Sainte-Croix too!

In honor of Welcome Week, your friends at Scene have compiled a list of words, terms and phrases to find out if you intend to survive your first year (well, all four years) in as a member of the three campus community. This list is by no means exhaustive, but we’ve done our best to cover the basics as well as some more specialized things.

After a little practice of Quizlet, you too will be fluent in Notre-Dame-ish. Or should I say Irish? Wait, is that just Gaelic?

our Lady

DeBartolo Hall vs. DeBartolo Performing Arts Center: The first is a building that you are guaranteed to have classes in, the second is where you can watch movies, watch plays, listen to live music, etc. Both are located on DeBartolo Quad… which the guy must have donated A LOT of money.

Quarter Dogs: Hot dogs sold for just 25 cents (after midnight, weekdays) at the Huddle at LaFortune Student Center (LaFun). But be weary – they’re priced so low for a reason.

Double Domer: If a Domer graduated from Notre Dame, then a Double Domer is someone who loved northern Indiana so much that they earned their undergraduate and graduate degrees here.

AcoustiCafé: Jam with local musicians from Notre Dame every Thursday evening at the Hagerty Family Café (at the Duncan Student Center). Sponsored by the Student Union Board (SUB).

Newfs: A bar we’re known to go to. AKA Finnies next door. Do not enter zth day.

Eddy Street: Five Guys, Chipotle and more can be found in this block just south of campus.

Bengal / Baraka Bouts: The men’s and women’s boxing clubs, respectively. Months of training end with two charity tournaments for the benefit of the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh (Bengal Bouts) and East Africa (Baraka Bouts).

OCS and DuLac: The Office of Community Standards applies DuLac, which is essentially our student manual. They will contact you shortly.

SYR: Themed dances that each dormitory hosts once a year. Stands for “Screw Your Roommate,” a reference to the practice of setting up a date with your roommate (historically, a bad one).

Zahm: A former male dormitory that was dissolved last year, with a pungent reputation in the campus community. The building currently houses the Sorin community while their dorm is undergoing renovations.

NetID vs. NDID: Your NetID is the thing before the @ in your Notre Dame email; your NDID is the random string of numbers on your Irish1Card. No one knows why we need both.

AnTostal (PigTostal): a one week event to celebrate spring, AnTostal means in Gaelic “the festival”. Although it’s officially hosted by SUB, most students just use it as an excuse to throw darties (daytime parties). PigTostal, meanwhile, is rooted in the rich tradition of hunting pigs in the mud!

Menbroza: male students of Mendoza College of Business. Do you like conversations? You won’t do it after having one with them!

Club Hes: What cool kids call the Hesburgh Library. The use of this term increases exponentially as the sun goes down.

Arts & Crafts: A playful (or mocking, depending on the source) nickname for the College of Arts & Letters. Engineering is just upset that it’s actually possible to profit from your lessons.

Sainte Marie

Smick: According to the Student Government Association (SGA): “A student or alumnus of Saint Mary’s College intelligent, empowered and concerned about his community. »Following the dissolution of Zahm (see the Notre Dame section), the Smicks began to recover this word in a positive light.

Blinkie: Often adorned with fairy lights (hence the name), this is the shuttle that transports students from Saint Mary’s to Notre Dame and back.

Cyber: What upper class students will call the 1844 Café (the name was recently changed).

Late Night Breakfast: Breakfast for dinner, after hours, Monday of finals week. Need we say more?

Le Mans: beloved residence and emblematic monument of SMC. A little taste of Hogwarts!

Belle Tour: Not to be confused with the bell tower of Le Mans, it is your one-stop-shop for upcoming campus events.

The Island: Located in the center of scenic Lake Marion, The Island is the perfect place to spend a sunny day.

The Ring: The class ring you will get your junior year and the true mark of a Saint Mary’s woman!

Madeleva: One of the main university buildings on campus, but also the name of the third president of the SMC (1934-1961) and founder of the first theology program for women and lay people.

Spes: short for Spes Unica, the other main university building and Latin for “Our only hope”.

the holy cross

HoCro: “Holy Cross College” certainly has a lot of syllables. Use this abbreviation instead!

Siggys: AKA Siegfried Dining Hall.

Ave Brew: Another name for the Starbucks located in the main building.

Basil Brotherhood: The men of Basil Hall, known for having one of the best dormitory communities on campus.

Spes Unica: Not to be confused with Saint Mary’s Spes Unica, this is a highly anticipated retreat held every semester, open to all faiths.

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