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‘The Dictionary Project’ struggles to raise funds, relying on community

SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE / WYOU-TV) – The third year is an important moment in the education of a child. It is a year of transition to the upper levels of primary school. A local organization sponsors an annual project to help third-graders succeed, but this organization now needs help to make it happen.

Over the years, this organization has put a free vital resource book into the hands of thousands of Scranton grade three students.

But this year is proving more difficult to achieve, unlike any other year.

Rosemary Bohenek says: “The dictionary goes as far as …”

Leafing through the dictionary her son Daniel received in 2012 when he was in third grade, North Scranton Rotary Association member Rosemary Bohenek remembers how important it was to her learning.

“Third grade is when kids read and explore the world and words. The third year is therefore a good starting point.

The dictionary was created through a national initiative called “The Dictionary Project” which Rotarians in northern Scranton adopted in 2003 with an ambitious initiative.

“Let’s do all the third graders within the city limits of Scranton, so we’ve done parish schools, private schools and the city, so we do them all,” said David Guskey, secretary of North Scranton Rotary. Association.

The idea is to help young learners, who are usually around 8 years old, to switch from learning to read to reading to learn.

“It’s something that they can cherish and have, you know, right up to their college years as a benchmark,” Bohenek said.

“And then he has standard units. Bad words, ”she said.

More than just a way to learn to spell words and understand their meanings, the dictionaries provided by the Rotary Association of North Scranton include a variety of resources ranging from measure to history and more.

“Well, 14,000… Almost 14,000 dictionaries that we have distributed,” said Guskey.

This year, the rotating chapter intended to pay for the dictionary project, but the coronavirus crisis then came.

“We usually have our fundraisers that, Wine Fest, we couldn’t have due to COVID, so all of our fundraisers were canceled,” Bohenek said.

Local Rotarians are publicly advocating for community support to be a success for the dictionary project.

The North Scranton Rotary Association hopes to get as many dictionaries as possible into the hands of third-graders in Scranton by the end of the month.

Find out more about the North Scranton Rotary Club Click here or to support The Dictionary Project Click here.