The Argentine Football Association (AFA) World Cup manual has a section “Flirting with Russian Women”

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) apologized on Wednesday for publishing a World Cup handbook containing a section on how to flirt with Russian women, admitting an “unintentional mistake” following the outcry.

Under a page titled “How to have a chance with a Russian girl?” “, The manual stressed that” Russian women do not like to be treated like objects “.

“A lot of men, because Russian women are beautiful, just want to take them to bed. Maybe they want it too, but these are people who want to feel important and unique, ”the manual added.

“Many Russian women, like other women, are very careful if you are clean, if you smell good and if you are well dressed. The first impression is very important to them, pay attention to your image.

These recommendations ahead of the tournament from June 14 to July 15 were sent to around 40 journalists during a course on Russian language and culture, and were then published on social networks.

Faced with strong criticism, the AFA later admitted that this lesson in seduction was an “unintentional mistake”, and although it was included in the manual, “it was never part of the training”.

In a statement, the AFA said it had carried out “an internal investigation into yesterday’s events during the Russian language and culture course, and it was concluded that the materials distributed were printed in error.”

“The administrative staff immediately withdrew the manuals,” he added.

Claudio Presman, director of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism, spoke out against the “sexist” content of the guide.

“We contacted the AFA to ask for an explanation, this text is stigmatizing for women,” he told TN television.

The training course organized at the headquarters of the AFA in Buenos Aires was intended for “executives, players, coaches and journalists who will be at the World Cup,” said the federation.

According to the course teacher, Eduardo Pennisi, in quotes published by the Argentinian daily Clarin, the AFA had “approved” the material a month ago.