Teenager with controversial yearbook photo arrested for possession of hashish | New

The elder Amador who made the news last week for a controversial yearbook photo is back in the news, this time with an arrest for possession of hashish.

Kenton Koos, 18, was with a young woman at Bernal Community Park after opening hours on December 8, according to a police report. An officer on patrol spotted the couple and smelled the odor of marijuana as they approached them.

This created a probable cause for a search, and Koos was in possession of 1.1 grams of hash, according to the report.

He was arrested around 9:22 pm; the woman he was with was not contraband and was released.

Koos recently made headlines for an outrageous yearbook photo that was initially banned by Amador Valley High principal Jim Hansen. The photo, of Koos with spiky hair dyed green, a painted face tattoo and a large nose ring, was later allowed into the directory after a quick turnaround in Hansen’s decision by the district administration.

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