Taiwan releases defense manual for citizens amid China invasion fears

Taiwan’s military released a guide for citizens on Tuesday with information on what to do and where to go in the event of an emergency such as a military invasion. File photo by Ritchie B. Tongo/EPA-EFE

April 12 (UPI) — Taiwan’s military on Tuesday released a civil defense manual with information for citizens on how to respond to emergencies, including a military attack, as concerns about China continue to heighten following the Taiwan invasion. Ukraine by Russia.

The 28-page manual contains QR codes that can be scanned to find bomb shelter locations and offers safety instructions for air raids, fires, building collapses and major power outages.

The illustrated guide also includes information on mobilizing military reservists in the event of a war outbreak.

Liu Tai-yi, an official with Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, said at a press briefing on Tuesday that the handbook would “enhance public awareness and security preparations for possible military or other crises and disasters.” .

Taiwan’s military has been working on the manual since last year, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February drew attention to the danger posed by China, which views the autonomous island as a breakaway province. .

The crisis in Ukraine has also given an added sense of urgency to ongoing military reforms, such as an improved training program for reservists introduced late last year.

The Taiwanese defense manual was based on similar guides from Japan and Sweden, Liu said, and would continue to be updated with localized information from town and city governments.

Washington has signaled its support for Taipei since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with the Biden administration sending a delegation of former defense officials to Taiwan in March and the State Department approving a $95 arms sale. million dollars last week.

Reports last week of a potential visit to Taipei by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi drew an angry reaction from Beijing, which warned of “strong measures” in response.

The congressional delegation’s trip to Asia, however, was postponed after Pelosi tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday.