Rookie: Yearbook One – Sassy’s Second Coming

Rookie: Yearbook One is the first anthology of Beginner magazine, from Style Rookie, a fashion, culture and lifestyle site created by Tavi Gevinson at the age of 11. Beginner is a sort of spiritual descendant of the late Insolent magazine, which tried to do for teenage publishing this Mrs made for women’s periodicals in the 1970s. Gevinson and his co-conspirators are talented, insightful writers with genuine voices, keen eyes, and plenty to say. Their layouts are bold and fun, the subject matter is varied, and the approach ranges from whimsical to serious.

Rookie: Yearbook 1 is a beautifully produced book, with lots of fun bound bonuses (including a flexidisc!). Ira Glass is kind of a mentor to Gevinson, and if you like his work, you’ll recognize his influence on his. But despite all the adults banging hard in his orbit, Gevinson’s editorial direction is clearly on his own. It’s the kind of magazine I dream of giving my own daughter one day. Anthology is the perfect gift for the smart young women in your life.

Angelenos can meet Gevinson and his friends at a series of events next week, November 9-10.

Rookie: Yearbook 1

Click below for some examples of the book, courtesy of the books Drawn and Quarterly and Raincoast.