Read Jeffrey Epstein’s Guide to the Palm Beach Family

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s former butler said he was told to “see nothing” when guests visited Epstein’s home.
  • Juan Alessi testified at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial about a manual given to him.
  • Here are photos of the instruction booklet which Alessi said was similar to the one he received.

Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime housekeeper in Palm Beach, Florida said Thursday she was told to “see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing” when guests came to the house.

Juan Alessi said during Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial for child sex trafficking that she gave him a 30-page booklet with instructions on what to do to maintain the house; he said the 58-page manual submitted by the prosecution as evidence was similar to the one he received while working at home between 1991 and 2002.

An instruction in the manual – dated February 14, 2005 – read, “Unless instructed otherwise, NEVER disclose the activities or whereabouts of Mr. Epstein or Ms. Maxwell to anyone.”

Prosecutors charged Maxwell with sex trafficking girls with Epstein, sexually assaulting them herself, and lying about her actions in a statement. She pleaded not guilty to all counts.

Here is a copy of the 58 page instruction booklet which was presented as evidence.