Philadelphia Guide for New Teachers Introduces Slang, Emphasizes Relationship Building

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – There is a student-written handbook for new teachers doing the tour with a focus on all things Philly including, but not limited to our drawin slang, boul, ard and jawn.

“They gave us the opportunity to write the manual from scratch and write anything,” said student Khalid Abogourin. “Ocky whiz jawn. Ocky … it’s like genuine, like your clothes are ocky.”

The manual is the brainchild of three students who completed an internship in the Philadelphia School District this summer. They took the Omaha model and spiced it up Philly style.

“To help them understand the culture and environment of Philadelphia classrooms,” said student Horace Ryans. “My favorite part are the five things to remember, keep an open mind because these are actually scenarios and points of what good teachers look like. “

And the teachers are taking note.

“I think I can learn what it’s like to sit in a classroom and learn how to interact with students,” Abigail Shagin, district digital media teacher.

“The students felt that it is through these relationships that learning takes place. “

While it is helpful for teachers to learn vocabulary, it emphasizes that it is more important to listen to your students.

“Students feel that it is through these relationships that learning takes place,” John Kamal, professor of engineering.

Students from across the district return to class on Monday.

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