Paul Rudd Befriends A Kid Whose Classmates Wouldn’t Sign His Yearbook

A Colorado boy who struggled to make friends and was bullied at school has found a new pal in actor Paul Rudd.

The ‘Ant Man’ star apparently sent Brody Ridder a package last month after the 12-year-old’s mother, Cassandra Ridder, shared a story about the fact that none of his classmates signed his yearbook. It contained a letter and a signed Ant Man helmet that read, “To my good friend Brody for when he takes over the world!”

In the letter, Rudd told the seventh-grader that it was “important to remember that even when life is tough, things get better,” according to a copy posted to Facebook by Brody’s mother.

“There are so many people who love you and think you’re the coolest kid around – me being one of them!” It said. “I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’re going to do.”

Riddler said she was moved by the gesture and that her son and the actor are in “texting condition now.” In a screenshot of a text exchange, Brody told Rudd he was his favorite superhero.

“You are mine,” Rudd replied.

Brody’s story made headlines last month after his mum shared a photo from the yearbook, which featured entries from two teachers and a message he wrote to himself: ‘Hope you make some more friends. —Brody Ridder.

“It broke my heart,” Ridder said.

Brody attended the Academy of Charter Schools in Westminster, Colorado since fifth grade. According to his mother, he had several friends at his old school, but he had trouble fitting in at the new school.

The story sparked an outpouring of support for Brody, including from a group of older students at his schoolwho stepped in to fill his directory with messages.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article misspelled Brody Ridder’s name as Riddler.