Orientation guide update pays off with national award

When the University of North Georgia (UNG) became an institution in 2013 following the consolidation of North Georgia College and State University and Gainesville State College, a lot had to change. One was the orientation guide.

Originally designed by Emily Kittrell, the guide contains an overview of information from the UNG and is given to all incoming freshmen, transfers, as well as their parents or guardians and guests. With each successive year, the Orientation and Transition Programs Department updated the content as needed and improved the product.

This fall, the department was recognized for its efforts by winning the Outstanding Handbook competition from NODA: Association for Orientation, Transition and Retention in Higher Education. Of the 2,200 members from over 700 universities, 43 textbooks were submitted for the Publication and Media Showcase Award.

“We were delighted to be recognized for this award,” said Darcy Hayes, Director of Orientation and Transition Programs. “Several people have worked on the orientation guide over the years to bring it to where it is today. It has been a labor of love.”

This victory is a first for UNG, and it was the first time that UNG has participated in this competition. Hayes said her department continued to receive requests for their brochure from other institutions, prompting the department to enter her into the competition.

“We felt confident in the guide and are grateful to everyone who has helped us over the years,” she said.