North Carolina high school recalls yearbook after Confederate flag appeared on cover

A North Carolina high school recalled its yearbooks after officials were alerted that a Confederate flag appeared on its cover.

Schools in the city of Thomasville said in a statement shared on Facebook on Wednesday that all Thomasville high school directories were collected after officials were told of the “inappropriate photo.”

The photo in question was included in a photo collage showcasing the history of the school. According to the school, one photo “used in the class of 1968 had the words” Go Dogs “in front of the Confederate flag.”

“Swift action is being taken to remove the photo from all directory covers and provide new books to students and staff,” the statement concluded. “We apologize for such a glaring mistake and we are committed to putting a system in place to prevent such mistakes from happening again.”

Superintendent Catherine Gentry told The Dispatch just over 10 people saw the directory before he was called back. She added that student directory staff and a school counselor did not notice the Confederate flag until they finalized the cover.

“I don’t know what the reason was, if it was missed, if it just didn’t come out during the verification process, there could be a million reasons. It’s not something that has been caught by students or teachers or that has marked them, ”said Gentry. “I have no feeling it was malicious or intentional. I also don’t want to pass it off as something that isn’t important, because it’s important.

The superintendent said the decision to reprint the directories was influenced by the “controversial and sensitive” nature of the Confederate flag.

The insensitive images appearing in directories have sparked some outrage in recent months. Earlier this month, a California high school apologized for including Spanish teachers wearing ponchos, sombreros and fake mustaches in its yearbook.