Newly unearthed yearbook photos raise questions about Katie Hobbs’ connection to her school’s ‘Slave Day’

EXCLUSIVE: How Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs hosted her high school’s ‘Spirit Week’ – where students took part in a ‘Slave Day’ and offered young students a perform “degrading” tasks

  • Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is running for governor this year
  • has discovered yearbook photos that show Hobbs was a student leader as her high school held a ‘Slave Day’ tradition
  • Student council page with his face says student leaders coordinated Spirit Week events – when Slave Day appears to have taken place
  • It lasted longer than Hobbs’ tenure, so chances are she knew about it.
  • The tradition involves first-year “slaves” following the orders of senior “masters”
  • Seton Catholic Prep School yearbook photos also show freshmen may have purchased elderly people as “slaves” at an “auction” at another time.
  • A photo shows a student restraining another with a leash

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, is running for governor of Arizona

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs was a student leader at her Catholic preparatory high school when students participated in an annual tradition known as “Slave Day.”

Copies of old Seton Catholic Preparatory High School yearbooks were obtained by and appear to show the practice spanned nearly four decades and was last mentioned in a yearbook from 1997.

Hobbs, who was active in the student body as a yearbook and student council staffer for part of her term, attended school there from 1984 to 1988.

The lore involves first-year students performing tasks for upperclass “masters,” including “embarrassing acts of servitude.”

An example from the 1985 yearbook, which would have been the end of Hobbs’ freshman year, describes “slaves” in his rank “wearing inappropriate hairstyles and attire, displaying embarrassing signs, and performing embarrassing acts of servitude for senior masters for a day”. ‘

Whether Hobbs herself participated in the “auctions” is unknown, but her 1987 Student Council page credits her and other student leaders with “coordinating the many class events during the Spirit Week” – when Slave Day seems to have been celebrated.

She probably would have known the tradition was celebrated and regularly featured in the Seton Catholic Prep yearbook when she joined its staff in 1987.

The 1987 yearbook mentions “Slave Day” four times.

Katie Hobbs’ high school, Seton Catholic Preparatory School in Arizona, held an annual tradition known as ‘Slave Day’ (pictured – Slave Day noted in yearbook from 1985, when Hobbs was a freshman)

The tradition is said to have been well known at school in 1987, when Hobbs was a member of the yearbook club and served on the student council (whose page above lists the “coordinated” spirit week events , when Slave Day seems to have taken place)

An accompanying image shows a kneeling student wearing a collar and leash being led by what appears to be a classmate.

Yearbook images show seniors also being “auctioned” for a few dollars to freshmen.

Part of Hobbs’ senior class yearbook refers to his “paying for cruelties rendered” grade during freshman initiation week on a day called “Senior Slave Day”.

Another image shows a white student with what appears to be black paint streaked across parts of her face. contacted Hobbs’ campaign for comment via email three times, but received no response.

Seton Catholic Preparatory High School also did not respond to inquiries about Hobbs’ involvement or whether the “Slave Day” practice is still ongoing.

Slave Day is referenced at least four times in the 1987 yearbook of which Hobbs was a part

A yearbook image from 1986 shows a girl with black face paint

The practice continued through at least Hobbs’ final year, as evidenced by the 1988 yearbook

Hobbs, who currently serves as Arizona’s secretary of state, is running for governor in November against former Donald Trump-backed local TV anchor Kari Lake, a Republican.

She has previously been accused of racism by a former Arizona State Senate Democrats staffer who argues that Hobbs should not be the Democrats’ nominee.

“Is Katie Hobbs a racist in the sense of the Oxford dictionary? Yes she is. Is she fit to sit in any government role? No, she’s not,’ Talonya Adams said at a press conference in December 2021, according to 12 News. She condemned both Lake and Hobbs.

The Democratic candidate was forced to apologize last year after a jury went along with Adams’ claim that she was fired for speaking out about getting less than her salary. his white and male colleagues.

A new CBS News poll shows Lake and Hobbs locked in a close race.

Both had 49% support from likely Arizona voters, according to the survey, which also showed Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly was slightly ahead of his Trump-backed Republican challenger.