New guide to help tourists ‘live like a local’ in Seoul

‘A Curated Guide: Seoul’ takes travelers beyond Myeong-dong, Hongdae and Gangnam

If you’re an Airbnb-style traveler ready to live like a Seoulian in the city, the new guide “An Organized Guide: Seoul” (Seoul Selection) may be the right choice.

If you have a local friend who knows about the latest trends, you might not need this book. But not all tourists visit Seoul with such connections. This is when the book becomes useful.

The two authors of the book, Robert Koehler and Hahna Yoon, have gone beyond the traditional tourist destinations that typical Seoul tour guides suggest and recommend to locals’ favorite spots.

The book is made up of 10 sections: neighborhoods, historic architecture, arts and culture, restaurants, cafes and tea rooms, nightlife, nature, shopping, experiences and accommodation.

The neighborhoods section covers nine trendy neighborhoods in Seoul. The authors’ favorite picks are Euljiro, where the atmosphere changes dramatically from day to night, and Seongsu-dong, known as “Seoul’s Brooklyn” with its hip industrial vibe.

The catering section can meet the needs of different diners, introducing a wide variety of venues, from famous Michelin-starred restaurants to everyday restaurants and even street stalls.

The cafes and tea rooms section covers the latest coffee trends here. As the authors observe, Seoul is full of cafes. Here, a cafe is more than just a place to drink coffee; it is a place to meet people, share interests and discover flavors.

For travelers looking for a local experience, he also mentions the traditional tearooms, modernized for guests of all types.

“A Curated Guide: Seoul” offers a new perspective on Seoul for travelers, expats and anyone just curious about the city.

The 252-page book costs 18,000 won ($ 16).

By Im Eun-byel ([email protected])

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