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Message from Harp Girn, Vice-President, Small- and Medium-Sized Business and Business Sales

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy. According to the Government of Canada, in 2018, 97.9% (1.18 million) of businesses were small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With COVID-19 impacting organizations around the world, around 14% of SMEs face collapse and closure. As some businesses prepare to reopen while others remain completely isolated, SMEs face unprecedented challenges. Reducing this risk is essential for the functioning of the economy.
As part of our mission to empower every individual and organization on the planet to do more, Microsoft wants to help small businesses across Canada digitally transform their operations to enable their recovery and better navigate an unknown realm. The Canadian work environment continues to evolve and we must ensure that SMEs are well equipped to succeed in these difficult situations.
Microsoft is doing everything it can to keep SMB employees productive and connected, now and forever. We strive to support them with the right tools, so they feel empowered to hire more talent and accomplish more. We are investing heavily in the right technical training to help them make the transition. And we’re showing our support by spreading the word about Canada’s amazing tech-driven startups and companies. Which brings us to the Directory of Great Canadian Innovators!
In 2018, we released our first directory. To celebrate our SMEs, startups and partner communities, we are publishing a 2020 version of the Great Canadian Innovators directory. New Edition Features Collection of 15 Notable Canadian Technology-Driven Companies That Innovate in their field by leveraging AI, IoT, BI, etc.
This book includes innovators form an ocean to another. Let’s get started!
Exploration sets the tone for the entire directory with their incredible story. The world’s largest provider of journey analysis solutions, Explorance’s unique culture and innovative solutions have attracted Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions and earned them recognition as the second best place to work in Canada.
Digital pioneer in bakery, FGF brands is the largest baker in North America with a variety of products. Also known as the technology bakery company, it uses cutting edge technology to produce healthy, natural and high quality food.
HYAS, with help from Azure, helps Fortune 50 and 100 companies with unique threat attribution solutions designed to identify perpetrators of cybercrime.
Spark Kognitiv is an industrial task support company that uses augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and IoT data to digitally connect remote experts and workers in real time to facilitate complex troubleshooting and task orientation.
During this time, Spirit Bridge used the Azure cloud platform to create the world’s first financial audit solution leveraging artificial intelligence to reduce costly errors.
With a network of dealers in 16 countries, NapoleonThe R&D driven approach produces global results.
An ocean is the world’s most successful integrated navigation solutions provider in the maritime industry. More than 20,000 ships around the world trust OneOcean solutions to navigate more efficiently.
Interactive PUG uses gamification, creativity and fun to inspire more customer loyalty than traditional loyalty tactics.
PureFactsWealth management solutions create more transparency using artificial intelligence, big data and business acumen.
Ramsoft a remote imaging and radiology solutions company enables healthcare providers to collaborate on patient care. is a local organic food delivery company that uses artificial intelligence to reduce food waste to almost zero.
Tactio HealthScalable and age-friendly solutions for digital care and connectivity have been adopted across four continents.
Thought Thread specializes in smart spaces and promises to provide innovative solutions to smart hospitals, spaces, cities and buildings.
Trevali Mining Corp. is a mining and metallurgical company that uses artificial intelligence and business intelligence to efficiently manage remote sites.
vGis uses holograms and augmented reality to display infrastructure, such as pipes, conduits, cables and others active — in-terrain and in real time. vGis allows construction crews to “look before they dig”.
The Great Canadian Innovators Yearbook 2020 is an extremely valuable and meaningful manual, highlighting extraordinary innovations and ideas. It recognizes great entrepreneurs and leaders who work with Microsoft to bring exceptional solutions to their full potential through the power of AI, cloud-based analytics and computing, and augmented reality.

“Honoring and celebrating Canadian SMEs and startups is something we always do – their creativity and commitment to providing the best services inspires us and deserves to be recognized.

In this fast-paced world, competing with other companies and winning in the tech industry is a major achievement. Even with such a great start to their business travel, these innovators still have so much exciting potential to realize.
Today, I proudly share these 15 inspiring stories of companies committed to staying resilient, creative and productive despite a global pandemic. I hope you will continue to support SMEs and that you will find their stories as inspiring as we are. We are in the same boat!
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