Meet the gothic teen from Long Island whose yearbook photo went viral

Weronika Jachimowicz describes herself as a creative person who doesn’t like to stick to the norm.

High school Salvatorian Mattituck, 17, herself is shameless, usually decked out in dark eyeliner, lots of jewelry, and platform boots. This is how we want her to be remembered in her senior year photo.

“I was fascinated by [goth] since I could understand different styles, “Jachimowicz said.” But I always kept it to myself because obviously here it’s very different and very cookie-cutter. “

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Her the phone book photo has gone viral on social media, with over 526,000 views on Twitter. However, Jachimowicz was not always so comfortable in his skin.

“It’s good to please others, but always put yourself in this situation first,” she said. “And even if you have a hard time finding yourself, it’s always good to reach out to other people.”

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Jachimowicz started adopting her unique style with the help of her family and boyfriend Joey, who she calls her greatest support system.

She is still deciding where she wants to go to college but is going to major in biology. His lifelong dream is to become a medical examiner.

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