Meet the author behind the Aruba Moon Manual!

New updated Moon Handbook Aruba available on Aruba this weekend at Super Food!

Just released late last year, the latest version of what some readers have described as “The Most Informative In-Depth Guide to Aruba” from Avon Travel Books of San Francisco, Moon Aruba, is now available. on the island for a very short time.

Manuals of the Moon are an internationally renowned line of over 40 travel guides that offers its readers a unique perspective. The policy of the publishing house is to hire a writer who lives or has lived at the destination for an extended period. In 2012, they hired veteran island journalist Rosalie Klein, who is well known as a reporter and senior photographer for major local English newspapers THE NEWS and THE MORNING NEWS from 2004 to 2014, before they closed their doors.

Moon Handbook Aruba is a 250-page insider’s guide intended especially for “budget-conscious adventurers”. It not only explores and offers plenty of surprises for the more well-known areas of Palm Beach and Eagle Beach, but also takes you to some hidden bargains in dining, shopping, activities and accommodation to boot. to the other of Aruba.

It also provides the most comprehensive information from all guides on the history, culture, politics and cultural traditions and vacations of the island, giving a rare and interesting insight into the people of this beautiful island.

The author, Rosalie Klein, will be at the Super Food Plaza this Friday and Saturday January 27 and 28 from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., registering each copy purchased and informing interested parties of new findings and changes since the manuscript. has been sent for printing. The books will be sold for $ 20 (AWG 35) each.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to chat with the author and acquire one of the most interesting and comprehensive guides to Aruba!