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Meanings behind RuPaul’s slogans

“Squirrel friends” started because, like drag queens, squirrels also hide their nuts.

One of the greatest joys you get from joining the RuPaul’s Drag Race fan club is all the wonderful catchphrases you learn from the series. If a group of friends collectively share a love for Drag Race, they will spend the majority of their time shouting “She already did have hers !!!” and sing “The realnessss” in each other’s face.

As much as we all love Ru’s slogans and find them hilarious no matter how many times they’ve been said, the majority of them just don’t make sense to us. But, let me tell you, RuPaul’s slogans aren’t just fun, they actually have semi-complex meanings behind them and come from a wide range of inspirations – from iconic LGBTQ + films to woodland animals and wild animals. fast food cashiers.

The meanings behind RuPaul’s slogans:

Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent

RuPaul says it over and over again, and it’s not because he desperately needs charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. It’s actually because the words spell CUNT – and every drag queen needs it.


Pretty self-explanatory, but this is how Ru commends his competition for their drag. To make things easier, he merged the two words together.

When Ru throws that at the end of a track challenge, it’s not just for a cheap laugh, it makes sense. The phrase is defined as something having “great amounts of elegance”, therefore, if a challenge is called: Glitterball


It’s one of Ru’s favorite words and the name of an album and song. The word combines glamor and amazon, which together means a tall, assertive, beautiful and confident woman. We all need a little of that.


This word is heard a lot on the show. It’s not just a play on the word “story” – removing the “if” from the word and adding a “she” that comes from feminist academics. It also refers to the history of the show – “Drag Race herstory”.

How’s your head?

If Ru says this to a drag queen, only one response is allowed: “I had no complaints.” The term comes from the movie Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, starring Cassandra Peterson. It’s a blowjob joke, which is Ru’s favorite type of joke.


Again, you would have heard this on the track when The Realness arrives. If a queen is described as having or exhibiting “reality”, she is either realistic or precise, extremely direct and honest, or is able to embody the truest version of something (normally referring to gender).

Sashay, far away

This is, of course, the expression Ru uses to send the queens to pack.

Shante, you stay

Besides being a great rhyme, Ru also uses this expression because Shante is the name he calls people as a term of affection. It is also apparently a play on Echanté, which means “nice to meet you”.

She already made hers

This slogan is played before the queens receive their She mail in the labor room. RuPaul I picked it up from a fast food chain employee who saw someone try to take an order that wasn’t theirs. When the girl behind the counter saw, she said, “Uh-uh na-na-na-nah, she already did hers.” Ru also says, “Your country breakfast is ready,” inspired by this same girl – I hope she gets a commission.

She owns everything

This is inspired by the movie Paris is Burning, as it is a big part of Drag culture. If Ru says that about a queen walking the runway, that’s a big compliment. It means their the only true queen, the most fabulous, the one who owns the WORLD.

Squirrel friends

Ru often says this when it’s time for the judges to discuss the track. It’s not just a cute nickname, it actually has a wonderful meaning behind it: squirrels hide their nuts just like drag queens, alas, they are one.

The library is open

The library is most often mentioned in All Stars and is another nod to Paris is Burning. When you “read” someone, you separate them, you make fun of them, you make fun of someone, and so on. Therefore, the library is where all reading takes place. If the library is open, it means everyone has free rein to tear each other apart without hard feelings. When the library is closed, playback should stop.

Watch Season 13 of Drag Race on Netflix here and the second season of Drag Race UK here.

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