Lonely Planet publishes vegan travel guide

To further prove that veganism is growing by leaps and bounds, Lonely Planet, one of the world’s largest publishers of travel guides, has released a plant-based travel guide called The Vegan Travel handbook.

The guide is packed with tips and ideas on how to travel the world as a vegan, and highlights how easy it is to be a vegan, wherever your travels take you. The book includes tips and recommendations on how to green all aspects of travel, from food to recreation and more.

“You can be vegan anywhere, and more and more people around the world certainly are. It’s just a matter of extra preparation and a flexible attitude… Think of this book as your introduction to practicing what you are already doing in your hometown or abroad, ”says Lonely Planet.

The book lists some of the most vegan cities in the world, including Ubud in Bali, Indonesia; Warsaw, Berlin and Tel Aviv. A vegan mock meat company in India, GoodDot, also has a mention for its vegan food truck GoodDo.

The Vegan Travel Guide is a useful guide for everyone from die-hard vegans to curious vegan travelers. Buy yours online or at your nearest bookstore today!

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