Jakarta Police Release Handbook on Dealing with Violence Against Women

TEMPO.CO, JakartaJakarta Metro Police Crime Investigation Branch has launched a manual and standard procedure on how to handle cases of violence against women and children. The book and SOPs are expected to help officers deal with these cases.

Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Insp. Uncomfortable. Pol. Mr. Fadil Imran, said many officers still do not have a full understanding of how to deal with cases of violence against children and women. A special guide then becomes necessary.

“I hope that with the launch of this book, the instances of secondary victimization that have often occurred in police stations – such as neglect of reporting or lack of sensitivity in obtaining evidence – will not occur. more,” Fadil said at the book launch at Metropolitan Police Headquarters on February 15.

Fadil Imran said women and children who are victims of violence do not only suffer materially. They also suffer psychological and traumatic losses. Therefore, the police should not turn a blind eye to the issue of violence against women and children.

Chief of the Crimes Branch, Sr. Comr. Pol. Tubagus Ade Hidayat, said the book and the SOP were compiled with the help of many parties, such as a case of violence against women and children should be treated differently from other cases.

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