Hudsons Heritage 2018 – A massive guide to Britain’s stately homes and heritage attractions

If you are new to Hudson’s Heritage, let me introduce you. It is an annual guide to all of Britain’s stately homes and heritage attractions. It comes out every year, and it’s usually a huge volume. I usually buy a copy every two years because it doesn’t change that much from year to year and it’s gigantic. This year they had some big changes so I decided to buy this year’s one to check it out and see what has changed.

A lot has changed, to be honest.

It looks like Hudson’s Heritage was bought by a new company and they decided to invest in changing the book and relaunching Hudson’s under the new Visit Heritage brand. To the “average” tourist this means nothing, but Hudson’s is stepping into the market to become the leader in British heritage travel information. The Hudson’s Heritage book is currently their flagship product.

The biggest change with the 2018 book is that they changed the cut size and released it as a 400 page hardcover book. This definitely makes the book a reference memory. It feels good in the hands. The quality is superb, exactly what one would expect from a book like this. But like I said earlier, this book is already huge, and doing it hardcover makes it even bulkier. Which brings me to my main criticism.

I don’t know what this book is for. It’s too big to be a handy guide to take with you everywhere. Are you supposed to just use it as a reference before a trip? The articles are interesting, but they seem strange when it seems to be a guide. It certainly looks good on the shelf, but it’s not something you can take with you on a trip. It will certainly make you exceed the weight limit of your luggage.

The website has all the travel information that can be found in the guide. Hudson had a mobile app, but in practice it was terrible. The interface was awful hadn’t been updated in years, and I suspect the information hadn’t been either. It doesn’t even seem like you can still download their app, which is probably a good thing. I reached out to Hudson’s to see if they were planning on releasing a new app, but they didn’t respond.

Hudson’s is a leader in maintaining a database of this information that they update for their book each year. But since this book is not practical to carry around, I hope they will release a new mobile app that will contain all of this wonderful information.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the book, and it will come in handy in the office for travel research. The book is beautifully designed, well organized, and full of information. The beautiful pictures alone are worth the price of admission.