How to decorate a room at a low price?

A spare bedroom may not be actively used in your home, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to it. Well, you can’t hurry and decorate the room at the last moment when you know your guests are coming.

When entertaining overnight guests, just consider making it a relaxation area for them. Now, you don’t really have to buy anything fancy to make a spare bedroom. It doesn’t have to be that expensive.

You can still make it comfortable, relaxed and practical with a minimum budget. Whether it’s a good, affordable bed or small decor pieces, you can change the overall look of your guest room.

With that said, here are some amazing ways to decorate a guest room on a budget:

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1. A warm and inviting bed

When it comes to creating impressions with bedrooms, the bed is something people will notice first. There is nothing quite like the feeling of sleeping on your bed, but a warm and inviting bed act changes everything.

You don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to buy a king-size bed. No, you can invest in a nice folding bed furniture or one portable air bed.

The idea is to make the bed comfortable and welcoming. To do this, just add a mix of cushions of different sizes to incorporate textures, colors and a good plaid. Never be afraid to add that pop of color to neutral or pastel bed linen.

You can even mix some velvet or wool knits with this plain cotton sheet. You can even buy a good set of sheets that are nice to the touch, something neat and clean.

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2. Inexpensive bedside table

A good bedside table is very useful for your guests. Why? Well, it helps them put on stuff like reading glasses, books, phones, or whatever is handy. In addition, a pretty bedside table will also complement your guest room as a whole.

You really don’t have to break your bank for this. Maybe, just repurpose your old chair and stack a few trendy storage boxes on it. As easy as that!

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3. Beautify the wall with beautiful paintings or decoration pieces

To make your spare bedroom stand out, a good one here is to include some artwork or maybe a few group pieces. For a uniform look, try to use the same frame for each piece of art you want to display. Experiment with simple variations using vintage word posters or movies.

If you don’t want to do the trick above and prefer it to be unique, follow the ‘statement wall’ technique to put together a beautiful, cohesive design where you work with the sidewalls to reduce drama.

For immediate impact, paint two (adjoining) walls in a cool shade so the color envelops and keeps the room from being submerged. It really brings out the colors. Go for pastel shades, maybe blush and pinks with pastel greens and rich teals.

Painting two (adjoining) walls is a simpler project, allowing you to enjoy the whole while minimizing your work as a whole! Since you are painting your spare bedroom, you don’t have to restrict yourself. Be more daring and daring with colors, as this is usually a small room in the whole house.

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4. Keep it personal and practical

Your guests will admire this little gesture of “care” all their lives if you do this. Here’s a better way to put it: When we spend time outdoors, we naturally look forward to the same comfort and convenience we’re used to at home. Law? And that’s exactly why adding that personal touch makes all the difference.

Along with having a cozy bed and a nice nightstand for your guests, make sure you keep some essentials on hand for them. Maybe a few books, some clean towels, some fresh flowers, or a sanitary kit. These finer details not only make a big difference, but also show how much you care about them.

5. Have a full length mirror in place

A full length mirror serves two purposes here. One, it makes a small room look big and two, it helps your guests get dressed. Interestingly, they are not that expensive. You can easily find them in a store near you or you can buy them online.

Also, buy a few hooks if possible, as this can be a great addition to coats, towels, and bathrobes.

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6. Create a great atmosphere with the right lighting

Believe it or not, lighting can break the deal when it comes to creating a positive mood. It can make a big impression the moment your guests turn it on.

No one will like walking around in a dimly lit or dingy room. To make your guests feel super comfortable and welcome, all you need is good lighting in place. Nothing special. But something that can make the room bright and radiant. Now, that shouldn’t be expensive. Perhaps, you can get a bedside lamp. This should do the trick.

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7. Use perfume to refresh the space

Do this 30 to 45 minutes before your guests arrive. Lightly spray towels and sheets with a scented linen spray. Another inexpensive way to do this is to purchase scented candles and soaps for the bathroom segment.

Also keep flowers fresh. It is not only a way to brighten up the whole space, but also to send a message to your guests that you are very happy to have them. But don’t go overboard with the flowers, as some might suffer from allergies.


A spare bedroom should flow with the other rooms in your house but you can deviate from the rule and soften it a bit for a better stay for your guests. Decorating the guest bedroom is all about finding the right balance between your visitor’s space and space. Interestingly, this is a fraction of the cost of other rooms in your home.

Good accommodation!