Holly Humberstone Shares ‘A Manual For Growing Up Too Fast’

Holly Humberstone shared the poignant short film A Handbook To Growing Up Too Fast. The seven-minute video shows the British singer and songwriter laying the groundwork for her own artistic project by getting a behind-the-scenes look at her unique creative process and her life on the road as a touring musician.

“We shot it in Los Angeles between tours and it was honestly a chance to breathe and reflect on everything that was going on,” Humberstone explained of the film in a social media statement. “I really hope you enjoy it.”

Directed by Jonatan Lopez and produced by Lucas Carpenter, A Handbook To Growing Up Too Fast features Humberstone in a serene landscape. Audio of the singer’s latest single “Sleep wella poignant snapshot of inevitable heartache, plays on the visual’s opening moments as Humberstone settles in to narrate his step-by-step guide.

The first step in his playbook is the task of escaping to a different setting, thereby unlocking a different mindset. His choice was California. The second step is to drink water, although Humberstone’s special recipe calls for a dash of honey and rooibos tea. The third step is to stay grounded, so it doesn’t get lost.

“I feel like over the last few years I’ve been hesitant to grow up and become an adult,” she explains. “For some reason, even though I’m 22, I definitely should be mature and more responsible. But I hate the fact that I’m growing up. I just miss feeling like a kid again.

Humberstone dives into the comfort she finds in journaling and solitude, she even saves her receipts for later. She agrees to be weird and grumpy and jokes about accidentally signing 30 pictures of herself for paparazzi dealers without hesitation. But one of the most important steps in his guide is to check on his family and friends.

“Distance makes the heart stronger – more loving,” she says. “I don’t know what that quote is, but you know what I mean.”

Stream or buy “Sleep Tight”, Holly Humberstone’s latest single.