Here’s Twitter’s Crazy 136-Page Handbook for Politicians Who Want to Tweet

Have you ever wished there was a manual on how not to say something stupid on social media? Well, if you’re a politician, there is now. The Twitter Government and Elections Handbook was put together last year by the social network’s political partnerships team to teach politicians and their minions the ways of the art of tweeting. You can Download them here.

The manual is not specifically intended to keep politicians out of trouble. Instead, it’s meant to be a service guide for high-level accounts. “It’s very popular,” said Bridget Coyne, head of Twitter. told NPR today. People frequently reach out to Coyne’s team to ask questions when they start using Twitter, she said. It was the genesis of the guide. Upcoming in-store updates include tips on using the Periscope live streaming app, Coyne says.

“It has become very popular.”

You can browse the guide for gems such as “What is Twitter?” (page 25) and “you do not have to ask permission to follow” (page 39). It also appears to be very comprehensive, starting with the absolute basics and working your way up to expert level techniques. These include using Twitter Q&A (page 80), mastering Tweetdeck (page 102), and tips for avoiding enemies, using “custom mentions” and “notification filters” (page 114) -115). Of course, the manual wouldn’t be of much use to government officials if it didn’t have a page dedicated to deleting things you said. To do this, tap the “trash can icon at the bottom of the Tweet” (page 30). You probably should.