‘Heartbroken’: School comes under scrutiny for yearbook error involving cheerleader with Down’s syndrome

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A Facebook post about a high school directory error goes viral.

In the post, a Davis County woman said her sister was left out of the support team photo. Her sister is on the team and also lives with Down syndrome. The school district is now reviewing the situation and the family is hopeful it will bring lasting change.

“My heart was broken that a child had to see that she was not included with her friends,” Jordyn Poll told ABC4 Tuesday afternoon.

Poll explained that her sister Morgyn Arnold was on the Shoreline Junior High School cheering team. Something, said Poll, which took a lot of work to do. “Morgyn loves deeply, and Morgyn gives her heart to everything she does,” Poll added.

Poll told ABC4 that when the school directory came out, her sister Morgyn showed her the cheering team page. Morgyn isn’t on the page with her teammates, but that’s not because she missed photo day.

Two photos were taken. One photo included Morgyn and the other did not. However, Poll explained that the photo without his sister is the one that made the school’s social media posts as well as the yearbook. She said her sister was heartbroken.

A spokesperson for the Davis School District told ABC4 he was working to remedy the problem. “I don’t think anyone had bad intentions in this,” Shauna Lund said. “It was just a mistake that was made and we’re trying to figure out why that mistake was made.”

Lund said the district was working with the teachers involved to reach the center of the error and added that the administration is also working with Morgyn’s parents.

Poll told ABC4 that her family thinks the school will do better. She added, “We love Shoreline Junior High. We love the opportunities they gave Morgyn. We love the administration and we are happy that they take it seriously. “

The poll has repeatedly pointed out that the family is not crazy and does not want to shame the school for the mistake. She said right now, they are following Morgyn’s lead. “Morgyn, when asked how she felt, said she liked these girls. They are her friends and she has forgiven them.

A poll told ABC4 it was the second time Morgyn has been kicked out of the directory. She said that with the attention her Facebook post receives, she hopes positive changes will occur at the school. The post has been shared thousands of times and Poll said he heard from someone in Scotland.

Lund told ABC4 that the district also hopes to see positive change by adding, “We want all of our students to feel included and a part of our schools, and this is a good experience for them.”

The poll said the family believe the school district is doing what it can and will continue to work to improve.

“We are excited about the coming change,” Poll said. “We are delighted to continue to defend Morgyn and the other students. “

Poll told ABC4 his family thought it was just a mistake and was grateful for the district’s willingness to work with them as well as all the support they receive from the community.

Lund said the district will continue to work with Morgyn’s parents to make sure something like this never happens again. The district also issued an official statement: “We are deeply saddened by the mistake that has been made. We continue to examine what happened and why it happened. An apology has been given to the family and we sincerely apologize to others affected by this error. We will continue to discuss it with the student’s parents. We will continue to review our processes to ensure this does not happen again. “