Guide to Adventure Ranks, Adventurers Guild, and Manual

Leveling up the abilities of your characters and the entire party isn’t the only progression you’ll focus on in Genshin Impact. You should always remember Adventure Ranks, Adventurer Guild Rewards, and Commissions. Here is our guide to help you.

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Genshin Impact guide: adventure rank and adventurers guild

Adventure ranks are completely separate from the level and EXP you gain in Genshin Impact. The bottom line is that you should be exploring – unlocking teleporters, upgrading statues of the seven, completing quests, opening treasure chests, and more. As you gain Adventure EXP you will eventually get higher Adventure Ranks. In turn, you’ll unlock additional features and mechanics down the line.

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The Adventurers Guild

The Adventurers Guild (indicated by a compass icon in Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor) has an NPC that allows you to get your rewards whenever you increase your Adventure Rank (see above).

At Adventure Rank 14, the Adventurers Guild will give you commissions. These are your daily quests in Genshin Impact.

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The tasks themselves aren’t too difficult – some can be “recovery quests” while others are your “kill 5/5 enemies in the area”. Once all four commissions are complete, return to the Adventurers Guild to receive a reward.

Don’t forget the daily reset time mentioned in our guide to daily unlocks and rewards. It entirely depends on a specific time zone based on the server / region you chose when launching Genshin Impact:

  • North America Server – 4:00 a.m. to GMT-5
  • Europe server – 4h00 to GMT + 1
  • Asia server – 4h00 to GMT + 8

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Still at Adventurer Rank 14, you can send characters on Expeditions. These are just missions that take place in parallel without you playing them. You choose a character (preferably someone who has a bonus or someone you don’t use). Then do other things and wait for the time to pass. Come back later and collect your rewards.

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Cooperative mode

At Adventure Rank 16, you’ll unlock the game’s cooperative mode. This allows you to invite or join other players’ games. Here is the essential according to Genshin Impact‘s wiki:

  • Co-op mode shows you players who are roughly at your level.
  • Cross play between different platforms and devices (including mobiles and consoles) is possible. However, players must be on the same regional server.
  • Up to four players can be part of a cooperative group. If there are only two players, then both will have two characters. If there are three, the host can have two characters while their other buddies each have one avatar.

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Explore the world of Genshin Impact with your friends might excite you. However, keep in mind that only a few selected activities are possible for cooperative play. These include the aforementioned Commissions, as well as Ley Line Outcrops, Abyss Realms, and World Bosses. Others are either completely locked or only available to the host. For example, storyline quests are completely disabled, which prevents any sort of plot level progression. It could be a good thing in the long run. There have been a few recent games (Wasteland 3 and Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris) who had issues with campaign progress due to cooperation.

Additionally, stores cannot be used by everyone, and chests can only be opened by the host. As for the Statue of Seven, anyone can still use it to heal themselves. However, only the host is allowed to make offers to upgrade their characters and adventure rank.

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Adventurer’s Handbook

This feature is available fairly early in Genshin Impact (and you can access it by opening your menu). There you will find several tasks that can be accomplished. Examples include opening a number of chests, activating teleporter waypoints, defeating specific elite mobs, cooking food, upgrading an item, and more.

There are many great rewards you can earn, such as Hero’s Wit EXP booklets, Shrine of Depth keys, gold, upgrade materials, and other items. Of course, each completed task also earns you 100 Adventure EXP. If you complete all the tasks of a “chapter” you will get the remaining rewards visible on the left side of the screen. The rewards for the next “chapter” will then be displayed.

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The Adventurer’s Handbook also has additional tabs so you can see Commissions, Areas (i.e. Spiral Abyss and other open-world locations), and Bosses. Completing these goals also earns you rewards.

To note: Under the Boss tab, you will see a moon symbol. This is the “Original Resin” – an in-game currency that allows you to open chests for these activities. The original resin does run out, but it is also restored over time. Likewise, you can use Fragile Resin or Primogems to restore the value of the original resin.

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Reach Adventure Rank 20, Global Tiers, and the Battle Pass

A short-term goal that you can have by Genshin Impact is to reach Adventure Rank 20. This unlocks Barbara as a free character as long as you are able to do so before patch 1.1 goes live. Likewise, Adventure Rank 20 unlocks the Spiral Abyss dungeon for you to tackle. Reaching Floor 3 – Room 3 allows you to become Xiangling as a free character, as mentioned in our unlockable rewards guide.

The world level mechanic is also unlocked once you reach this point. Increasing the world level gives you more interesting rewards and treasures (like those from Ley Line Blossoms). However, enemies will be tougher. Finally, every now and then your Adventure Rank will be capped. When this happens, the only way to reach the next threshold is to complete an Adventure Rank Climb quest which will be available through the Adventurers Guild.

Finally, the Battle Pass is unlocked once you reach this level. Like the Adventurer’s Manual, the Battle Pass also has several tasks to accomplish. This earns you Battle Pass EXP to earn new rewards.

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