Governor Martinez and Florida TaxWatch Release 2018 Governor’s Transition Decision Manual

TALLAHASSEE, Florida – Today, Florida’s first non-partisan government watchdog, Florida TaxWatch, released the fourth edition of the Governor’s Transition Decision Manual at a press conference. The independent research institute was joined by the chairman ofManual Steering Committee, Governor Bob Martinez, Steering Committee members and the volunteer leadership of TaxWatch.

With just one week before the election, Florida TaxWatch has taken it upon itself to focus attention on the leadership transition set to take place in the coming months. This transition will involve overwhelming demands that will be placed on Florida’s governor-elect and the transition team. the Manual is a unique product which is, at its core, a compilation and translation of the knowledge and experience of some of the people who have gone through the extraordinary and inspiring effort that the Governor-elect is about to undertake.

“Having gone through this process myself, I cannot stress enough the importance of not only building a strong team, but also remembering the voters you met throughout the election campaign and integrating their needs. when developing your policy. said Governor Bob Martinez, President of the Governor’s Transition Decision Manual Steering committee. “I am proud to work with Florida TaxWatch and the Handbook Steering Committee to create this invaluable resource for the next leader of this great state.

Florida TaxWatch released the first Governor’s Transition Decision Manual in 1998, before it was known who would win the election, then distributed it to Governor-elect Bush and Lieutenant Governor-elect Brogan. It includes an overview of the key duties and functions of the governor and the transition team, a brief summary of some of the main political issues facing your administration and, perhaps most importantly, advice directly from former office holders. , governors and lieutenants. Governors dating back to the 1970s and other heads of state.

“The transition of power from governor to governor will help determine how Florida continues to progress toward its goals. There is no better time than the transition for a governor-elect to set the stage for how he will lead the Sunshine State ”, said David Mann, president of Florida TaxWatch. “The Governor’s Transition Decision Manual is a one-of-a-kind resource that only an organization like Florida TaxWatch could provide.

“I am proud to be able to go out and present the Governor’s Transition Decision Manual for the fourth time “, said Florida TaxWatch President and CEO Dominic M. Calabro. “The feedback we have received from Governors, dating back to Farris Bryant, is invaluable and we hope the next Governor of Florida will take to heart their suggestions and advice, as well as the policy directions that this Florida TaxWatch research report proposes as they prepare for their first term as governor.

To access the FULL 2018 Governor’s Transition Decision Manual, click here.

Extracts from the Manual

Please find below a selection of quotes from Florida Governors who have shared their thoughts and advice with their successors across the Governor’s Transition Decision Manual:

Florida Governor Rick Scott
Florida 45e Governor (2011-2019)

“When you take up your job, remember that every new job created is an opportunity for a Florida family to live the American dream. With record tourism and the lowest unemployment rate in over a decade, Florida continues to be the best place in the world to live, learn, work, play and do business.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist
Florida 44e Governor (2007-2011)

“There is no better testimony to the democracy of our nation than the ability of the people to choose their leaders. The people of Florida have spoken and they have chosen you to be the general manager of Florida for the next four years. In return, you must fulfill the sacred mission of “protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Florida”.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush
Florida 43rd Governor (1999-2007)

“… Set big goals, then create a plan to achieve them. People want to be inspired by greatness and set a high expectation to organize them around a common goal. But people also want this goal to be realistic, meaningful and achievable. Success is never final and reform is never complete. Most of the time, it doesn’t come easily. You have to work on it every day. “

Florida Governor Kenneth “Buddy” MacKay
Florida 42sd Governor (1998-1999)

“Set your own priorities. Create a disciplined way to set aside time to talk about big strategic issues. Creating this for the transition will also be a good method of continuing in administration. “

Florida Governor Lawton M. Chiles
41 from Floridast Governor (1991-1998)

“As you face difficult decisions, it is essential that you listen with an open mind and consider all perspectives before acting. You can learn from everyone. I have often learned more from my reviews than from those who offered me nothing but praise. “

Florida Governor Robert “Bob” Martinez
40 from Floridae Governor (1987-1991)

“Don’t forget the memories of meeting people just because you won the election. The question now is how to formulate your policy and defend these things that are important to the people of Florida. The new governor should pay attention to the capacity for instant news that now exists. The demand for information has increased so much, and with it, the demand for accurate information has also become more critical, both for the dissemination and reception of information.

Florida Governor Wayne Mixon
39 from Floridae Governor (1987)

“Take full advantage of the Lieutenant Governor’s visit. His knowledge, experience, expertise, government and public relations are invaluable.

Florida Governor Robert “Bob” Graham
38 from Floridae Governor (1979-1987)

“Be on your guard to carefully select who will serve you, as well as Florida. A lot of people have worked very hard to help you be successful. You owe them your sincere gratitude, but you owe them no position in your administration. The skills that have contributed to the success of a campaign do not necessarily translate into the skills required to govern.

Florida Governor Reubin O’D. Crooked
37 from Floridae Governor (1971-1979)

“Look at the expectations you create. The campaign is over and you will need to start from scratch.

Florida Governor Claude R. Kirk, Jr.
Florida 36e Governor (1967-1971)

“If you personally remember to ‘love’ everyone in Florida every day … there’s a good chance that one day they’ll ‘like you!’

Florida Governor C. Farris Bryant
Florida 34e Governor (1961-1965)

“… make a clear distinction between your obligations to your friends (which are great and honorable) and your oath of office (which is superior).”

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