Fostering Inclusive Recruitment: Project Report and Guide for Employers

Employment is a crucial factor of inclusion: it brings economic independence, and it is often a starting point for newcomers and migrants to develop local networks and relationships, and to fully develop their potential. However, migrants and newcomers do not always have easy and clear access to information about their rights and duties; in addition, misconceptions and biases can also act as barriers to an inclusive recruitment process.

Through the “Inclusive Recruitment” project, the Portuguese municipalities of Amadora, Loures and Oeiras worked on ways to encourage Portuguese employers to hire migrants and newcomers, taking advantage of diversity.

Sponsored by an intercity grant from ICC, the project mapped barriers to smoother inclusive recruitment in Portugal, with a view to addressing knowledge and skills gaps among employers. They have developed an inclusive recruitment guide called “Employers’ Starter Pack”, to provide information on labor law to Portuguese companies, on areas such as migration legislation and inclusion in the workplace. Specific information has been developed to target and empower job seekers. The project was implemented in a participatory manner, involving relevant local authorities, worker and employer representatives, including large companies such as Ikea and Portugalia.

Thanks to the success of the Guide and with the help of the Portuguese Network of Intercultural Cities (RPCI Cooperative), additional multimedia material has been produced, including short videos and a series of podcasts.

The report can be easily reproduced by other members of the ICC by adapting it to their legal and administrative contexts.

Full project report

Handbook on the inclusive labor market (English / Portuguese)

Migrant Information Booklet: English, French, Portuguese, Nepali, Bengali, Arabic