Federal Employee Handbook 2021

What’s inside

The most widely used manual of its kind by the federal government.

Written by our team of seasoned experts, the 2021 Federal Employee Handbook contains the latest essential information on your federal compensation and benefits policies and in the workplace and will help you make the most of your opportunities. and avoid costly mistakes.

Overview: Remuneration and other remuneration, retirement, health insurance, government management

Chapter 1: Pay Systems

General timetable

Salary system

Senior management service

Other major salary systems

Chapter 2: Remuneration and remuneration policies

Administratively uncontrollable overtime

Premium Pay availability


Credibility of the different types of compensation in salary actions and benefits

Hazard allowance and shift differentials

Payroll deductions

Differential environmental premium paid

Evacuation payments

Extended Assignment Incentives

Flexible expense accounts

Foreign language

Maintaining grades

Dangerous service premium

Vacation bonus paid

Hostile fire compensation

Lump-sum payments for annual leave

Night premium paid

Guard Service

Overseas indemnities

Over time

Salary limits

Salary retention

Pay for promotion

Physician comparability allowances

Recruitment, relocation and retention payments

Severance pay

Special rates

Payment of the waiting premium

Student loan repayments

Sunday premium payment

Uniform allowances

Waivers of collections

Increases within the classroom

Chapter 3: General employment and workplace policies

Benefits of adoption


Alternative working hours


Combat zone assignments

Combined Federal Campaign

Court orders

Death benefits in the event of death in the performance of his duties


Disciplinary actions


National partners

Study diplomas

Emergency procedures

Employee assistance programs

Financial claims



Genetic information

Health and fitness programs


Employer-union relations

Liability insurance

Principles of the merit system

Obtaining personnel files

Official duty station

Part-time work

Performance reviews

Job classification

Probation period

Professional titles

Prohibited personnel practices

Promotion and internal placement

Public transport subsidies

Reinstatement eligibility

Security clearances

Eligibility for separation before retirement




Use of office equipment for personal purposes

Violence at work

Antivirus policies

Chapter 4: Alternative personnel policies

General salary flexibilities

Pay flexibilities for general working hours only

Remuneration flexibilities for the remuneration system only

Staff flexibility

Demonstration projects

Alternative hiring practices

Chapter 5: Employment restrictions


Ethics policies

Gift policies

Political activities

Chapter 6: Rights of Veterans

Preference of veterans when hiring

Special appointing authorities

Discounts in effect

Restoration after service in uniform

Benefits on active service performance

Right of recourse and appeal

Chapter 7: Occupational injuries and illnesses

Medical benefits

Compensation for temporary total disability

Compensation for the permanent effects of the damage

Death benefits

Job restoration rights

Status during recovery

RIF Status

Placement in other agencies

Eligibility for retirement in the event of disability

Appeal rights

Chapter 8: Downsizing and Restructuring Policies


Discounts in effect

Early retirement

Severance pay in FRR

Unemployment benefits

Chapter 9: Rights and Appeal Procedures

Commission for Equal Employment Opportunities

Federal Labor Relations Authority


Merit Systems Protection Council

Office of Personnel Management

Office of the Special Counsel

Alternative dispute resolution

Chapter 10: Leave and other forms of leave

Annual vacation

Compensatory time

Authorization for hearing

Credit hours

Leave for disabled veterans

Absence excused

Family and medical leave law

Funeral leave


Leave for bone marrow or organ donation

Quit sharing

Leave without paying

Years off

Meal times

Military leave

Paid parental leave

Preventive health screening

Eligible family members

Religious events

Sick days

Leave rewards

Volunteer activities

Chapter 11: Travel, transport, daily allowances and relocation allowances

Travel and transportation costs

Working hours for travel

Compensatory leave for travel

Credits for frequent travelers

Travel payment cards

Travel advances

Daily expenses

Removal allowances

Travel and relocation appeals

Chapter 12: Federal Employee Health Benefits Program

Premium Conversion

Health savings accounts / Health reimbursement arrangements

Coverage for family members

Special registration considerations

Changes on separation

Survivor coverage

Porter FEHB retired

Events that may terminate coverage

If coverage ends

If a complaint is refused

Chapter 13: Federal Employee Group Life Insurance Program

Basic insurance

Option A-Standard

Option B-Additional

Option C-Family

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance

Change in life insurance coverage

Termination of life insurance

Temporary extension

Cancellation or reduction of insurance


Living benefits

Assignment of benefits


Request for services

Life insurance coverage after retirement

Re-employed annuitants

Chapter 14: Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program

Eligibility and registration


Choice of services

Covered services

Premium rate

When the benefits begin and end

Appeal rights

Chapter 15: Federal Dental and Vision Insurance Program

Eligibility and registration

Benefits and bonuses

Chapter 16: Retreat

Main elements

Eligibility for Retirement — Standard Rules

Eligibility for Retirement — Special Groups of Employees

Calculation of Pension Benefits — Standard Rules

Calculation of pension benefits – Law enforcement and firefighters

Calculation of Pension Benefits – Air Traffic Controllers

Calculation of pension benefits – Military Reserve Technicians

Calculation of retirement benefits in the event of disability

Part-time service credit

Credit for service outside foreign zone

Credit for unused sick leave

Phased retirement

Other form of annuity (“lump sum payment option”)

Deposits Due

Redeposit service

Deemed deposits and redeposits

Actuarial reduction

Interest rate

Military service credit

Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA)

Lump sum payment for annual leave

Voluntary contributions

Limitation of the pension

Survivor Benefits on Death of Current Employee — CSRS / CSRS Compensation

Survivor Benefits on Death of Current Employee — FERS

Pensions for survivors of retirees

Child benefits

Lump sum payment on the death of a retiree

Re-employed annuitants

Chapter 17: The savings plan

Investment choice

Loan program

Roth scales

In-service withdrawals

Transfers from other pension plans

Catch-up contributions

Withdrawal options

Spouse and survivor rights

Designation of beneficiary

TSP contact points

Chapter 18: Social security

Eligibility for benefits

How your benefit is calculated

Reductions in benefits under the Social Security Act

Disability benefits

Request for benefits

Family benefits

Survivor benefits

Chapter 19: Medicare

Eligibility for Medicare


Treatment options

Special health insurance rule for certain retired federal employees

Medicare Part A Benefits

Health insurance part B benefits

Medicare prescription drug benefit

Medicare Coordinated Care Plans (MCCP)

How Medicare Affects Your FEHB Coverage

Chapter 20: Taxes

Federal Tax Treatment of Federal Annuities

State Tax Treatment of Federal Annuities

Tax treatment of insurance premiums

Tax treatment of health savings accounts / health reimbursement schemes

Tax treatment of flexible expense accounts

Tax treatment of social security payments

Tax treatment of TSP distributions

Long term care insurance