Extraordinary Handbook Reveals Wealth-Building Trade Secrets Professionals Don’t Want Amateurs To Know

Joel Pozen’s inspired book, The Definitive Guide to Price and Volume, is your blueprint for financial independence

santa monica, California – Business/finance book “The Definitive Guide to Price and Volume” by Joel Pozen, currently available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, SandmanBooks, Target, Scribd, Thriftbooks, Herringhone Books, Book Depository, Blackwell, Kobo, Eagle Harbor Books.

Joel Pozen wrote this exemplary guide for the millions of people who have been cut off from their hard-earned money by those who, through manipulation, make the most of the markets. The Definitive Price and Volume Guide allows readers around the world to enjoy professional manipulation at all times.

In this book, the author shares an overview of the different principles that an average reader or amateur trader can use to trade the markets. By learning to trade in one market, the reader can apply the same strategies and trade in any market! Joel Pozen, mentored by the legendary Richard Ney, wrote this guide to help you become the confident, disciplined trader that Wall Street would rather you not become.

With 33 years in the business, Joel has invested over 10,000 hours studying maps to hone the skill of pattern recognition. This experience has prepared him to help amateur traders level the playing field and achieve results like the pros. As an experienced trader whose dedication to the principles of pattern recognition and charting has brought him hordes of success, he doesn’t want to stop there.

After many years of learning how the wealthy elite create wealth for themselves, Joel now broadly offers this same eye-opening approach to those who are serious about protecting and creating wealth. wealth for themselves. Outside of business, Joel is an avid jazz fan, loves horse racing, and lives alone in Santa Monica.

You can read more about Joel Pozen on his website, Best Trading Strategies Revealed, where you can find out more about the author and his work, his blogs, and most importantly, check out his Prosperity Trading Course which brings his teachings in this book to the next level!


Joel Pozen is an experienced trader whose dedication to the principles of pattern recognition, as developed by bestselling author and investment advisor Richard Ney, has been the foundation of his ability to successfully read the market. He loves jazz, loves horse racing, and lives alone in Santa Monica.

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