Dyslexia Guide Bill enacted

A bill sponsored by a local lawmaker was enacted by Governor Bruce Rauner on Friday.

The bill, sponsored by State Representative Keith Sommer, requires the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) to create and publish on its website a manual providing guidance on the subject dyslexia.

“Making this information readily available to school staff, students and their families will help students with dyslexia reach their full potential,” says Sommer. “The legislation only requires that the manual be posted on the ISBE website, and not in print, which will make the information widely available, while minimizing costs to taxpayers.”

House Bill 4369 requires the ISBE to write a manual that includes guidelines for identifying signs of dyslexia, a description of proven strategies educators can use to improve the academic performance of students with dyslexia, and information about available resources. to help students, their families and teachers. . The bill, also sponsored by Senator Chuck Weaver, was passed unanimously by the House and Senate this spring.

“All credit for passing this bill should go to the parents, guardians and advocates of the many dyslexic students in central Illinois,” Sommer said. “I urge the ISBE to include them when requesting feedback on useful information that should be in the manual. “