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ON AUGUST 8, Principe Tuyishime and Nancy Umuhire published a dictionary that includes over 500 Kinyarwanda vocabularies with English and French translations, as well as pictures illustrating their meanings.

According to Tuyishime, the dictionary was designed for linguists, writers, translators, students, teachers, researchers and anyone who needs to understand the most basic vocabularies of Kinyarwanda.

“We started working on this dictionary at the end of May, which means the publication process took us about two months,” he said.

“We have selected the most used vocabularies in Kinyarwanda that every new learner would need. These include the most commonly used verbs, terms of everyday life; including school, environment, meals, feelings, sports, music, etc.

Tuyishime and Umuhire are employees of Gusoma Publishing, a company specializing in the publication of books in Kinyarwanda, teaching Kinyarwanda to foreigners and people in the Diaspora as well as the development of IT solutions mainly in Kinyarwanda.

Speaking of their inspiration, Tuyishime said that at first this book served as a learning material for a Kinyarwanda lesson for students and when he and his team realized its impact, they decided to improve it by adding more. of words so that it can be a basic tool for linguists as well as for people wishing to learn the languages ​​it offers.

He reveals that the process was not difficult since they had the same target and the same vision concerning the public needing the book, adding that the members of his team were invested in it since they are all linguists.

Tuyishime says he started his professional writing journey in 2019, working primarily for companies and individuals, writing books, website content, and translations and transcriptions.

Some of the notable works he donated are “100 Mistakes I Don’t Regret,” a book by Frank Rubaduka, and “Four Genius Windows” by the same author in collaboration with Eric Niyitanga.

Thanks to this career path that Frank opened for him, he shares that he has improved his writing by joining Gusoma Publishing, adding that the mentioned dictionary is his first work to be published even though he is working on many others.

His compatriot Umuhire found his place in writing after graduating from the University of Rwanda in development studies, given his background in linguistics. She is currently working on books that have yet to be published, according to Tuyishime.

Speaking about the challenges they face in the literary industry, he says their audiences are not yet interested in reading and therefore prefer verbal content over written content that minimizes consumption of written works.

“Another challenge is that authors always have financial problems regarding the cost of releasing their books. These include the costs of publishing, marketing, promotion, etc.

Tuyishime and his team plan to take this dictionary a step further so that students, teachers, linguists, and anyone in need can access it.

He adds that they are also planning to release another edition with more vocabulary, adding that this fits with their goal of making Kinyarwanda a universal language.

The dictionary is now available on Amazon.

For more information, you can contact them via the website or contact [email protected] or 0785864223

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