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Dictionary.com posted a wild tweet after “Jeopardy!” host Mike Richards has resigned

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  • “Danger!” fans rejoiced on Twitter following the resignation of new co-host Mike Richards.

  • But the most unexpected burn came from Dictionary.com, which pointed out the irony of the series name.

  • “Here it is in a sentence,” Dictionary.com tweeted. “My job is in danger because of my past comments.”

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Words hurt, one does it social media team at Dictionary.com recalled the internet on Friday after dipping on a “Jeopardy!” departure of the host.

Mike Richards, executive producer of “Jeopardy!”, Was named the co-host from the highly acclaimed game show on August 11 alongside Mayim Bialik from “The Big Bang Theory”. Richards stepped down from the role just two days after The published ringtone a scathing report of his behavior behind the scenes.

The report details allegations of discrimination and harassment by models on “The Price is Right” – which the Richards executive produced – and resurfaces the comments he made in a podcast in 2013 when he spoke. stated that he applauded “the average white host” like Jeff Probst because “because of his success I was able to have some success as a host”.

Fans from “Reading Rainbow’s” Levar Burton, one of the favorites to become a permanent host, seen Richards comments as proof that Burton, a black man, would never get the co-host job after getting a guest host spot. Laura Coates, CNN presenter and black woman, was would have been the first choice of former host Alex Trebek to replace him, but she never had the opportunity to be the host.

People to Twitter welcomed Richard’s decision to step down as the show’s co-host. Dictionary.com underlined on Twitter the irony of the situation given the definition of the word “danger” and even were kind enough to use it in one sentence:

“My work is in danger because of my past comments”, the tweeted dictionary in the world.

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