Columbo gets hilarious comedy adaptation as Japanese guide resurfaces

Famous TV detective Columbo gets a hilarious comedy adaptation in a 2011 Japanese guidebook filled with information about the classic show.

An old Japanese guide has resurfaced which gives Colombo fans of hilarious new comics to add to their collection. Columbo, of course, is the famous detective from the series of the same name. The show aired on NBC from 1971 to 1978 before seeing a cover on ABC from 1989 to 2003.

Played by Peter Falk, Columbo drew quite a fan base as a shrewd but insightful homicide sleuth. He is best known for his slogan, “One more thingWhich is always said at a critical time when questioning suspects and witnesses. The show was praised for reimagining the detective story by showing the crime at the start of the episode rather than playing out like a typical murder mystery. As an investigator, Columbo is often ranked high among other famous fictional detectives like Sherlock Holmes and Batman.


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The guide was first published in Japan in 2011 and recently gained attention online in a series of user Tweets. @pizza_hideuse the first half of the guide presents various Colombo episodes with hand drawn humorous comics. The pages flow wildly like a plot summary rather than a simple adaptation. The designs continue detailing various Columbo staples such as his trench coat, cigars, and Peugeot 403 car. The book even goes into a recipe on Columbo’s favorite chili. Unique to the Japanese version of the show, the guide contains a section on all of the Japanese actors who have voiced Columbo throughout the show.

The guide’s tone is less serious than Colombo himself. An example of this is in the guest section, which is dedicated to many of the show’s famous guest stars. Leonard Nimoy is drawn here with pointy Vulcan ears, an obvious reference to his character Spock from Star Trek. The book also speculates on “Mrs. Colombo. A common joke among fans is that Columbo often refers to his wife throughout the series, but she is never seen. However, one character that we see over the years is Columbo’s dog. The guide has an entire page devoted to the many variations of the basset hound owned by the detective, which he affectionately referred to as Dog.

There is no doubt that the guide contains a wealth of Colombo information. Unfortunately, you have to know how to read Japanese to consume everything. None of the captions in the book are in English. But that doesn’t mean that skillful comic pictures still can’t be enjoyed on their own, especially for the die-hard. Colombo fans who would be proud to have such a beautiful piece of Colombo memories on their shelf.

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Source: @pizza_hideuse

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