Church Updates General Manual and Calls on Members to “Let Go” of Prejudice

SALT LAKE CITY – A new batch of updates to The General Manual of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints calls on its members to “abandon attitudes and actions of prejudice towards any group or individual.”

In a Press release, church leaders said they rewrote six chapters of the manual and added or revised sections of 11 more.

The changes are part of the ongoing revisions of the manual; Church officials said they have reworked nearly 60% of the text since February. They plan to release the remaining updates in 2021.

Church members advised to drop prejudices

The new section calling Latter-day Saints to let go of prejudice comes from recent teachings by Russell M. Nelson and Dallin H. Oaks of the First Presidency. The text says:

All men are children of God. All are brothers and sisters who are part of his divine family. Prejudice is not compatible with the revealed word of God. The favor or disavowal of God depends on devotion to Him and His commandments, not on a person’s skin color or other attributes. The Church calls on everyone to abandon attitudes and actions of prejudice towards any group or individual.

“The manual is written in such a way that each person can feel the love of God,” General Relief Society president Jean B. Bingham said of the changes. “We want everyone to feel that they are included, that they are welcome, that they are loved. ”

Other Church Manual Updates

The updates cover a lot of ground. For example, they include a warning to “Seek and share only credible, reliable and factual sources of information”. Another offers advice on clothing and dress while encouraging members not to judge others by their appearance. The manual also clarifies guidelines for prescribing and using marijuana for medical purposes, and updates medical and health care recommendations. In the latter category, the manual teaches church members and leaders that “seeking competent medical help, exercising faith, and receiving priesthood blessings work together for healing as the Lord wills.”

“The rewritten chapters align with the organizational framework of the work of salvation and exaltation manual,” the press release said.

“One of the chapters that has been completely rewritten is about temporal needs and self-reliance,” General Authority Seventy Anthony D. Perkins said. “We believe this chapter will be a blessing, not only to church leaders but also to members.”

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