Canadian Wheat Milling handbook 2nd edition now available in Bangla

“The latest edition available in Bengali and English provides additional information to complement the in-person training and webinars. This is a valuable resource to support this important, long-standing market for Canadian wheat milling,” said Elaine Sopiwnykvice-president of technical services at Cereals Canada.

Through the office of the High Commission in Bangladesh, the wheat milling guide is available for Canadian wheat customers. “Canada is a leading exporter of high quality wheat to Bangladesh. We are proud to contribute to from Bangladesh our food safety efforts because Canadian wheat is of the highest quality in the world,” said Mr. Lilly Nichollshigh commissioner of Canada in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has been a key export market for Canadian wheat and has imported an average of over one million tonnes of Canadian wheat per year for the past five years. For soft wheat, Bangladesh East from Canada seventh export market.

Wheat consumption in Bangladesh increased partly due to the rise in GDP per capita. “High-quality Canadian wheat remains an important ingredient in Bangladesh wheat-based foods. Bangladesh is an important market for from Canada wheat sector and demand growth could continue over the next decade,” says Dean DiasPresident and CEO of Cereals Canada.

Bangladesh accounts for approximately 6% of Canadian wheat exports, excluding durum wheat in 2020-21 and remains a stable market.

About Cereals Canada:
Cereals Canada unifies the value chain, connecting crop development companies, growers, exporters and processors to deliver on its promise to advance food by delivering responsibly grown premium crops of consistent quality. Cereals Canada is also a globally recognized independent expert in the milling, quality and end-use functionality of Canadian grain. Its goal is to increase market opportunities for millers and ensure success for end users.

SOURCE Cereals Canada