Big Lake OK directory photo of a snare team with guns

Updated at 2:56 pm | Posted at 6:52 a.m.

After all, the Big Lake High School Snare Team will have their photo in the school yearbook with guns.

Team members had been told that the yearbook photo would not be included due to the school’s policy against showing guns in photos. Some parents were worried enough to consider raising the issue at a school board meeting on Thursday.

On Thursday afternoon, however, the Big Lake School District said it had agreed to change its no-gun policy to make an exception for the snare team.

“After the procedure for changing a policy in the manual was followed, the district was able to change the policy,” officials said in a statement.

“It’s important to remember that a school district has rules and procedures that must be followed,” the district said. “The intense conversation around this topic on social media and the phone calls and emails we have received have only delayed the process.”

Team members, coaches and parents say guns should be viewed as a piece of equipment used in sports, much like a baseball player holding a bat in a photo. Before the district changed its position, parent Rick Anderson told WCCO-TV that “political correctness has gone way too far.”

The sporting director had offered to take a photo of the team for the yearbook, but without the guns.

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