Amazon Warehouse – get returned items or slightly damaged products at knockdown prices

The condition of the product is important, as this is what determines the price. Amazon says it “thoroughly tests the functionality and physical condition of each item,” which gives the product a specific rating. Unfortunately, you won’t see an image of these (unless they say you can request one), as item rotation can be pretty quick but there will be a short description, detailing any imperfections.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect when looking for a warehouse deal:

Used – Like New

An “as new” item is in perfect condition – there may be a minor defect on the packaging either due to a return or damage in warehouses.

Used – Very good

Any cosmetic damage – for example, a minor cosmetic imperfection on the top, front or sides of the item. The item can be delivered in its original packaging as damaged or be repackaged.

Used – Good

A “good” item will show slight signs of use and may have significant cosmetic damage or imperfections and / or missing accessories. The packaging may have been replaced in order to protect the product.

Used – Acceptable

“Acceptable” items will exhibit major cosmetic wear or damage such as cracks, holes, or dents, but should still be serviceable. Again, it is possible that the packaging has been replaced so that the product is protected.