2021 – 2022 Senior Directory Deadlines

2021 – 2022 Senior Directory Deadlines

Main deadlines for seniors

  1. Senior quote: No later than November 24e
    1. Link to submit:
    2. This step can only be done by a senior using their SPS @seattleschools email to log in
    3. No profanity and you must provide a name if you are directly citing someone or something.
      1. Keep in mind that this will be archived on paper forever. Choose your words wisely.
  2. Senior portrait and baby photo: January 3 at the lateste
    1. Submit photos through our directory portal
        1. The link will be uploaded from the first day of school
        2. Code: West Seattle
    2. Fill in the boxes with the information that corresponds to your photo
      1. Make sure you click on the button that says “Click here to download portraits” before downloading
    3. Once you have uploaded your baby portrait or photo, please provide the student’s name and grade level (12).
      1. This is the name that will appear under your photo in the book.
    4. Photo requirements
      1. The file format must be Jpeg
      2. Images must be at least 1MB in size
      3. Must follow West Seattle dress code
      4. No watermarks, filters or masks covering the face
    5. Please note that you will not receive a confirmation from the website after your submission, but directory staff plan to post a list of photos received closer to the final deadline.
  3. Cry parents: no later than January 27e
    1. The WS Directory staff believe that every senior deserves special mention from the adults who have helped them reach this far and that this tradition should be free.
    2. From now until 27e do not hesitate to leave a message to your senior.
    3. For the sake of space, we ask that the messages remain one per household and do not exceed 2 sentences.
    4. Examples:
      1. (Student’s name) we are so proud of you! You are amazing, smart, kind and bring us so much joy! I love dad, mom and Jason
      2. (Student’s name), as a force to be reckoned with; a mighty ocean or a sweet kiss. I will love you with everything I have, always. -Mom
      3. (Student’s name) Take the time to enjoy every moment and be ruthless with how you choose to spend your time it will pass. We are proud of you and will continue to encourage you in the path you choose. Love, family.

Link to submit:

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