Church Updates General Manual and Calls on Members to “Let Go” of Prejudice

SALT LAKE CITY – A new batch of updates to The General Manual of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints calls on its members to “abandon attitudes and actions of prejudice towards any group or individual.” In a Press release, church leaders said they rewrote six chapters of the manual and added or […]


New guide on how to clean the wet treatment

A new manual has been launched to help clothing and textile companies reduce the use of water, energy and harmful chemicals during the wet processing phase. Produced for the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Clothing and Textiles (AGT) by the NGO Solidaridad, the ‘Wet Processing Guide‘gives businesses practical tools on how to map so-called wet processes […]


The assistant dean of the doctoral school writes a guide on teaching contentious issues

December 8, 2020 Francisco Ramos began to lay the foundations for his guide five years ago. By John Zhu In the spring of 2015, Francisco Ramos was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, teaching a course on Advanced Qualitative Methods. During the first class on Tuesday in April, he noticed that discourse analysis […]

Dictionary book

Aviation Dictionary by ASA

Aviation is an industry full of terms, acronyms and technical language. This aviation dictionary app is based on the popular Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms book by Dale Crane and helps users understand all words, abbreviations, acronyms, and phrases across different aviation disciplines. The most comprehensive collection of aviation terminology available from a trusted resource in […]