Guide discusses the underrepresentation of darker skin in medicine

Key points to remember By 2044, people of color will become the majority in the US population,but a lack of education regarding colored skin still exists in the medical field. A second-year medical student created a guide on how certain conditions appear on darker skin. Malone Mukende, a sophomore medical student at St. George’s University […]


Medical student creates textbook showing clinical symptoms on darker skin

Second-year medical student in the UK has created a guide to help clinicians diagnose common conditions in dark-skinned patients, reports NBC News. Malone Mukwende said he was inspired to create the book “Mind the Gap”, after noticing that his textbooks and medical lessons contained no images of clinical illnesses on darker skin. “My motivations for […]


Medical student creates manual to educate doctors on how medical conditions appear on darker skin

Racism in health care is an endemic problem. Not only do doctors not specifically believe in black pain to the extent that they believe in white pain, they are not trained in the number of ailments and diseases that appear on darker skin. The article continues under advertisement This is where Malone Mukwende comes in. […]


Medical student creates manual to diagnose black and brown skin conditions

Read the transcript of the story The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it can say a lot about what goes on inside. This is why doctors pay special attention to how diseases manifest themselves on a patient’s skin. With COVID-19, for example, doctors have warned families of some patients to watch […]

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Merriam-Webster includes “Irregardless” in the dictionary, but why?

By Jonny Lupsha, News Editor “. NPR reported. The linguistic experts of Merriam webster have defended its place in their lexicon because of its popular use. Panels of linguists decide which words go into the dictionaries. “Irregardless” made its way into the dictionary after lexicographers accepted its inclusion due to the word’s popular use in […]


Vatican manual on sexual abuse cases urges report to authorities-World News, Firstpost

By Philip Pullella (Reuters) – Vatican advises bishops to report cases of sexual abuse of minors by priests to civil authorities even if they are not required by local law, toughening its official guidelines on an issue that has rocked the Catholic Church in recent years. The advice is contained in a new 20-page “vademecum”, […]

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The Liar’s Dictionary by Eley Williams review – a glorious way with words | Fiction

I I don’t know if any of the fictional previews that appeared in the newspapers at the end of 2016 tipped Eley Williams’ debut collection, Attribute. and other stories, published by the independent press Influx, as a book to watch. But 12 months later, it was all in the end-of-year roundups – a deserved success […]


Utah State Scarver Soap Recognized by College Football America Yearbook

History links LOGAN, Utah – Utah State wide receiver / kick returner Soap scarf was named in the starting squad of the Group-5 of the 2020 College Football America (CFA) preseason, the CFA version of an All-America team of the Group of 5 conference, the organization announced on Wednesday . Scarver is one of six […]