NEW YORK – The 2020 Yearbook of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America is now available online at The Yearbook 2020 can also be downloaded from the website in PDF format and used as an eBook on tablets, smartphones and other digital reading devices. Hard copies of the Yearbook 2020 will be available by […]

Dictionary book

How long would it take to read the whole dictionary?

There is no conclusive answer. But that doesn’t mean people haven’t tried to find one. While most books follow the standard consumer format, cover to back cover, dictionaries (and other reference works) don’t follow the rules. The dictionary is meant to be consumed in chunks, not fully read. Someday someone might read page 64 of […]


The yearbook school shooting victims never got back

The hard-bound black book with black lettering is meant to look austere. The hard cover with only “2018” on its top deliberately doesn’t look like the colorful fronts of normal yearbooks, which “should be about beginning, hopes and dreams and what comes next in life”. his website says. “Unfortunately,” he adds, “this yearbook doesn’t deal […]


Lonely Planet publishes vegan travel guide

To further prove that veganism is growing by leaps and bounds, Lonely Planet, one of the world’s largest publishers of travel guides, has released a plant-based travel guide called The Vegan Travel handbook. The guide is packed with tips and ideas on how to travel the world as a vegan, and highlights how easy it […]

Dictionary book

Macquarie Dictionary reveals cancellation of culture as its ‘word of the year’ for 2019

Macquarie Dictionary reveals 2019 ‘word of the year’ – and ‘thicc’ and ‘eco-anxiety’ follow closely behind The term ‘cancel culture’ has been named ‘word of the year’ for 2019 Macquarie Dictionary reveals 2019 word of the year is ‘cancel culture’ It means boycotting a public figure after they have done something “offensive”. The name has […]