North Carolina high school recalls yearbook after Confederate flag appeared on cover

A North Carolina high school recalled its yearbooks after officials were alerted that a Confederate flag appeared on its cover. Schools in the city of Thomasville said in a statement shared on Facebook on Wednesday that all Thomasville high school directories were collected after officials were told of the “inappropriate photo.” The photo in question […]


Directory staff concludes final details in senior supplement – METEA MEDIA

Students have been busy signing each other’s directories since their release on May 14, but the Metea Valley directory staff are still working hard on the senior supplement, which will be sent to seniors over the course of the year. ‘summer. In order for the directory to be published before school leaves, directory staff must […]


School district apologizes for ‘culturally insensitive’ yearbook photos of teachers

A Californian high school apologizes for the “bad judgment” which led its teachers of world languages ​​to pose in photos “insensitive to the culture”. Spanish teachers at San Pasqual High School in Escondido, Calif., Wore ponchos, sombreros and fake mustaches while the school’s French teacher wore a black beret, sunglasses and pearls. The photos were […]


The therapy dogs who have helped Parkland survivors have their own directory page, and yes, we cry.

When Sue Hoppin was in college, she met the man she was going to marry. “I was studying at the University of Denver and he was at the Air Force Academy,” she says. “My dad also went to the University of Denver and warned me not to date those Springs flyboys.” “He didn’t say anything […]


A philosophical and practical manual on the development of artistic ideas

Front cover How art can be thought of As a contemporary art historian and theorist who led a master’s program in visual arts (at Florida International University) for half a decade, Allan deSouza’s book How art can be thought of: a manual for change particularly attracts me. On the one hand, it is a philosophical […]