New manual for graduate veterinarians

Lots of useful information and advice for qualified veterinarians If you are a newly qualified veterinarian, you may want to take a look at The new veterinarian’s handbook: information and advice for veterinary graduates, which will soon be released in the UK. Although the book was written for a European readership, graduate Australian vets should […]


The Argentine Football Association (AFA) World Cup manual has a section “Flirting with Russian Women”

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) apologized on Wednesday for publishing a World Cup handbook containing a section on how to flirt with Russian women, admitting an “unintentional mistake” following the outcry. Under a page titled “How to have a chance with a Russian girl?” “, The manual stressed that” Russian women do not like to […]

Dictionary book

‘Dictionary Stories’ fictionalises dictionary example sentences: NPR

Look up any word in the dictionary, and there will be an example of that word in a sentence. Book by author Jez Burrows Dictionary Stories develops these phrases into works of fiction. LAKSHMI SINGH, HOST: Unless you’re a kid in a spelling bee or high school or high school graduate for the SATs, it […]