Guide to civilized tourism published by the Chinese government

Chinese tourists should not pick their noses in public, pee in swimming pools or steal airplane life jackets, image-conscious Chinese authorities have warned in a handbook. A sign displays official guidelines for tourist behavior at a China Southern Airlines ticket office in Guilin, China, in 2008. Rules for outgoing tourists are listed above the rules […]

Dictionary book

Add offline dictionary to Play Books on Android

Nicole Cozma/CNET Google Play Books has the awesome feature of storing books on your device so you can read them when you are offline. This is very useful when traveling, especially on an airplane, as you may often lose the signal. Unfortunately, when your signal is gone and you want to search for a word, […]


ISIS’s Guide to Sex Slaves in Syria and Iraq

Women’s liberation quickly begins to feel like climbing a steep mountainside with primitive equipment. For every step forward, we seem to take two steps back. But the shocking guide recently released by the Islamic State’s Research and Fatwa Department (ISIS) on how to buy, sell and treat their sex slaves has once again dropped us […]